For Sellers


If you are the kind of person who likes to be in charge; and control as many aspects of your life as possible, this could work for you.

Top 10 things Sellers want!

How would you like to:

#10. Relieve your family's worries and fears about the future?

#9. Have a hassle-free transaction?

#8. Move on your own schedule?

#7. Never have to deal with aggravating, or short-notice, or any showings?

#6. Pay no closing costs?

#5. Avoid the expense of having to “fix up” your house?

#4. Pay ZERO commissions?

#3. Set your own sales price upfront?

#2. Take back control of your life?

And the # 1 thing Sellers want is:

Peace of mind.

What's your # 1 thing?


Do you hate to negotiate and play games?

You don't have to negotiate.

We'll let you name your own price and terms and either we can do it or we can't.

It’s as simple as that.

We can't buy every property but we may buy yours.


We utilize an accelerated, targeted marketing method to sell all kinds of real estate quickly.

We are real estate entrepreneurs.

WE MAKE HOUSESFLY! sales are fast becoming the preferred method of selling all types of real estate. Sellers do this because they know that they can get the properties sold faster and with less hassle than traditional methods.

A sale is a true win-win situation for everyone involved! It helps the sellers because they are looking for a non-traditional alternative to the old - slow - ways of selling real estate. It helps Buyers to buy a home without going through all the typical hassles associated with buying.

We offers a turn-key solution for selling any kind of real estate without paying a real estate commission. We provide all the proven marketing tools, systems, and paperwork.

Do you need to sell your house NOW?

Do you need to move fast and don't have time to wait 6, 12, 18 months or more, not knowing how much you will get or how long it may take or if it will sell at all?

Has your listing expired without any offers, even after several price reductions?

Has your beautiful house become an expensive burden to you?

If you can relate to any of the situations above, then you may want or even need to sell your house quickly. will use a precise, targeted marketing plan in order to attract buyers interested in purchasing your house NOW. We will focus on the marketing of your house and getting it SOLD NOW.

We have the resources, tools, and expertise to get the word out quickly in order to direct buyers to your house. Our process is simple and straight forward and will allow for fewer interruptions in your already busy life. No longer will you have to leave your house on short notice because a prospective buyer wants to view it. No more ensuring that everything is in perfect order for months as you wait for that buyer.

A lot of what we do depends on one person, YOU! You have to be truly motivated and want to sell your house FAST. If you are waiting to get an above market price for your house, then is probably not the company for you.

However, if you want to sell your house NOW, without all of the hassle and headaches that come with waiting and showing, then HousesFLY is your solution.

With over 30 years of experience and a reputation of integrity, wouldn’t you like to know if we can help you?

If you would like a confidential no obligation consultation, please fill out the form and tell us a little about your situation and we will contact you at your convenience.

Or just call us anytime at 901-273-7007.

Thank you for your interest.

We Make HousesFLY.