Steve Parker

Real Estate Entrepreneur/Investor/Broker (39 years experience)

Specialties: We Buy Houses, Any Price Range, We Make HousesFLY!

Steve was born and raised in East Memphis and attended White Station High School and the University of Tennessee at Martin.

He worked as a waiter and bartender before managing restaurants, hotels, and bars here in Memphis, as well as in Denver, Houston, and the Cayman Islands, BWI. In 1979 he moved from Grand Cayman Island back to Denver and began his real estate career as a mortgage loan officer and bought his first investment property. Three years after being transferred to Southern California in '84, Steve was offered an opportunity to get his Series 7 Securities license and became a Bond Broker.

His clients included banks, pension funds, and municipalities. In his first year, he was inducted into the company's Rolex President's Club for his achievements. Preferring the freedom of a real estate entrepreneur's life over that of a bond salesman's, he was hired as the first agent at the new Re/Max Beverly Hills location in 1988.

He moved to Miami Beach in 1990 where he opened a beachfront hotel and bar in South Beach, bought a scuba-diving shop, and later went to work as a Broker with Sotheby's International Realty. Steve came home to Memphis in 2000 and returned to investing in houses.

Steve became a Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Judge in 2001 and was fortunate to Judge the 2018 Grand Championship Winner, The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint, in the Whole Hog category.

Today he buys, sells, rents, and manages investment property. He is a problem solver, known for his integrity and ability to create deals that close.