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How a HousesFLY Sale Can Work for YOU!

We utilize an accelerated marketing method to sell all kinds of real estate through a 2 day Preview Open House where our minimum offer is set below other similar homes in the area. When you need to sell quickly we will help you get the results you need. An added benefit is that you may pay ZERO commission! Because traditional ways of selling are just not working as good as they used to sellers throughout the United States are looking for non-traditional ways to get their properties sold quickly. We utilize the fastest-growing methods of marketing real estate in the world today. HousesFLY Sales are ideal for:

  • Residential Properties
  • Investment Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Agricultural & Raw Land
  • High End Luxury Homes
  • Historic Properties
  • Ranches & Farm Properties
  • Equestrian Properties
  • Estates
  • Builders

If you are a seller who wants to sell fast, and with no hassles, then call us today at 901-273-7007! Our associates can answer your questions. You may also fill in the "ContactUs" form and one of our associates will contact you. 

HousesFLY Sales are the SMART WAY to sell real estate!
The HousesFLY Method

A HousesFLY Sale is different than a traditional Open House. At a HousesFLY Sale, the house for sale is open for inspection during specified hours for two days, usually over a weekend. During that time you will be able to look the house over, review the inspection documents, and make an offer on the property. The minimum offer price on the house is usually much lower than comparable properties in the area. This gives buyers the opportunity to sometimes buy at a significant discount below market value. However, in some markets houses will sell for very close to market value. Buyers will typically have 1 - 2 days to look the property over and make a decision about how much they are willing to pay for the property.

Why the HousesFLY Sales Method Works for Everyone

In many parts of the United States it is taking six to eighteen months or longer to sell a house the traditional way by listing with an agent or going the FSBO route. There are also a lot more houses for sale, more competition, than there was just a year ago so selling the traditional way is much more challenging. Instead of just "listing" a house on MLS and sticking a sign in the yard, we use a massive marketing campaign to attract attention from buyers. HousesFLY Sales work in a good economy and even better in a slow economy. HousesFLY Sales work for all types of real estate. Our method is a smart way to sell or buy because:

  • It involves a few weeks of hard work instead of potential months of sporadic selling visits.
  • It encourages full disclosure between the homeowner and potential buyers.
  • Sellers do not start high and slowly come down - Sellers start low and let the market determine the top price.
  • The sale is less costly for sellers and buyers because there may be no commission to pay. This means a seller can sell for less, and still come out ahead. Additionally, the commission savings instantly adds to the substantial existing equity for the buyer.
  • The HousesFLY Sales method attracts a reasonably-sized buying pool during a concentrated time-frame so the property will sell for a price that is fair both to the buyer and to the seller.
  • The sale process is entirely open. Buyers do not compete against the Seller, but against other buyers.
  • The closing process is the same as in conventional home sale unless the seller is offering Seller Financing.


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